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If you fancy a quick brew yourself, you could always stop off at Lempika for a pot of tea before pursuing the next part of the trail, the search for Paradise. Jenny laughed when she heard that there was a place called Paradise in Beverley. "I found out later it was true" she said. Head down Eastgate and see if you can find Paradise yourself. After Paradise Square, continue on Eastgate to the Minster, a place that overwhelmed Jenny on her first trip to Beverley.



The Minster is a fascinating place to visit and at certain times of the year, rooftop tours are available offering spectacular views of the town. Once you have exhausted all that the Minster has to offer, head over the railway lines and onto Flemingate. Pass the new shopping development and continue until you reach Beverley Beck. Stop at the Traveller's Rest for a coffee and a bite to eat or stop in one of the nearby pubs for a light lunch.


At this point you have now walked approx 4.8km. You can end your walk here before heading back or to extend the walk by approximately 4km, click here to  read on.

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