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Cut down the passage at the side of The Green Dragon and walk up Newbegin towards the Westwood, as you approach the pastureland from the top of Westwood Road, turn right and here you will encounter the many dips and valleys in all their splendour. Here is the very place where Jenny and Christy began their special friendship. Alternatively, you can stay in Saturday Market for a drink at the King's Head Hotel. It is in the corner of the marketplace that Jenny used to meet the carrier for her lift to and from her home in Hull.




Take a stroll down Toll Gavel, the location of Billy's dad's new shop. As you reach a fork in the pedestrian street, turn right onto Cross Street, here you will find The Guildhall where Jenny was held on remand following the death of Christy. Back to Toll Gavel, continue onto Butcher Row and head to Wednesday Market.


Ye Olde Pork Shoppe will bring back

memories of Jenny and Billy's encounters but it is in the Wednesday Market area where Christina dragged Jenny into a teashop adjacent to a grocers. A lot has changed over time, where do you think the teashop was situated?

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